[London, UK, 30 March 2023] This coming May, the Public Health Collaboration1, a UK charity, will be holding its biggest event yet – an international metabolic health summit featuring world-leading experts, which for the first time will be fully geared towards welcoming the public at large.

A charity dedicated to education on the importance of metabolic health2, this year’s event has been designed to empower members of the public to take control of their health themselves. It will bring together an unprecedented line-up of spectacular international speakers to the UK, who are leading the charge globally to spread the metabolic health message. These speakers will congregate at the renowned Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, a venue large enough to welcome hundreds who are keen to learn about how to prevent themselves from getting one of the many chronic diseases that are so common today. 

The importance of metabolic health is becoming increasingly understood by scientists and doctors around the world, who advise that many of these chronic diseases3 can be significantly improved, reversed, or avoided completely by making simple changes to how we eat. Hundreds of individuals in the UK have already seen their Type 2 Diabetes put into remission by making these changes.

Dr David Unwin, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Public Health Collaboration, and GP from Southport, said, “It all started years ago when a patient of mine managed to put her own Type 2 Diabetes into remission, having learned that this was possible from information online. I myself didn’t know this was possible. I have since applied this lifestyle recommendation in my own UK NHS practice and seen 20% of my patients put their Type 2 Diabetes into drug-free remission, and even more have improved their diabetic control or put their Prediabetes into remission. We are now finding that more and more chronic illnesses, such as many cancers, obesity, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions and mental health conditions can all be significantly improved, reversed, or completely prevented with dietary changes. It’s a very exciting area of medicine, one we just cannot ignore!”.

Sam Feltham, Director of Public Health Collaboration, said, “It’s very exciting to be bringing this event fully to the public for the first time. We have a fantastic venue and have lined up some of the best thinkers that it would be very hard to ever hear live in the UK otherwise. Now the public has a chance to come and hear these speakers live, ask them questions directly and connect with other people on the same journey. This is our chance as a nation to really fix our health, which in turn reduces the huge burden these diseases have on the NHS, estimated at 80% of what they currently treat. It’s the only way to Fix the NHS, sustainably. We also welcome all healthcare practitioners to attend, as we know they will find the speakers and messages very relevant in their everyday role”.

Andrew Scarborough was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour at age 27, for which chemotherapy proved ineffective. After learning from leading metabolic scientists and implementing strict dietary changes, he is now living a tumour free life 10 years on, “These metabolic approaches are starting to become recognised as interventions, I’ll be sharing my story at the conference to help gain wider acceptance clinically”.

The speaker line up boasts Dr Ben Bikman from BYU Utah sharing the latest research into insulin resistance, the key component of metabolic health, Dr Georgia Ede from Massachusetts on benefits for mental health, Zsofia Clemens from Paleomedicina in Hungary on benefits for cancer, Dr Shawn Baker from Seattle on benefits of elimination diet, as well as leading experts in the UK – Dr David Unwin & Professor Roy Taylor on benefits for Type 2 Diabetes, Dr Jen Unwin on the role of Food Addiction, Patrick Holford on benefits for Alzheimer’s and James Cracknell OBE on role of exercise. All these speakers will share the latest developments on how diet and lifestyle has fundamentally changed the metabolic health of thousands of people to date. For further details visit

Download full line up & metabolic case studies


  1. Public Health Collaboration is a UK registered charity (No. 1171887) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions and saving the NHS money at the same time through better lifestyle information.
  2. Metabolic health refers to how well the body generates and processes energy from dietary sources. Good metabolic health is the maintenance of ideal levels of blood sugar, fats, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist circumference without the use of medication and only through lifestyle and diet. Poor metabolic health is brought about by the wrong dietary foods and underlies a person’s risk for many chronic diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, many cancers, Alzheimer’s, and numerous autoimmune and mental health conditions.
  3. Estimated impact of chronic diseases on NHS annual budget: In 1980, obesity was 7% of the adult population in England [1] and today, that figure is 26% [2], costing the NHS £6 billion per year [3]. Type 2 diabetes has gone from just under 1 million people in 1994 [4] to 4.5 million people today [5], costing the NHS £10 billion per year [6]. In the UK, dementia has risen 44% since 2005 [7] and costs the NHS just over £4 billion per year [8]. Similarly, cancer incidence has risen by 39% since 2002 [9] and costs an approximate £5 billion per year to the NHS [10]. Lastly, although cardiovascular disease has steadily declined over the past several decades due to the reduction in smoking, it is still responsible for a quarter of all deaths in the UK [11] and costs the NHS just over £7 billion per year [12]. The total cost of just these 5 chronic diseases is £32 billion of the NHS’ £150 billion budget [13], a staggering 20%.


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