Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is a UK registered charity (1171887 / SC052248) dedicated to improving the health of the public and saving the NHS money at the same time. We do this through various projects, but at the heart of it all is our passion to help people become healthier and happier. If you would like to support our work, please consider becoming a volunteer or donate to us by becoming a member.


A society where everyone enjoys good metabolic health.


To empower, inspire and educate people that most chronic diseases can be prevented and reversed by maintaining good metabolic health through sustainable lifestyle changes.


AMBITIOUS – We have a strong desire and determination to create the change we want to see.

ATTENTIVE – We listen to everyone with care and attention.

COMPASSIONATE – We appreciate everyone’s perspective and will do our best to support them.

INQUISITIVE – We like to ask questions and are always eager to learn.

PROACTIVE – We like to take action and create the change we want to see.

SINCERE – We genuinely want humanity to become healthier and happier.


1. Reverse the type 2 diabetes and prediabetes epidemic.

2. Have food addiction recognised as an official diagnosis.

3. Undo the childhood obesity crisis.

We will achieve these ambitions by delivering high-quality projects, collaborating with universities to conduct robust research and advocating for the changes we want to see. Through this process our hope is that we will build a society where everyone enjoys good metabolic health.


Sam Feltham

Director of PHC

Elizabeth LePla

Ambassador Coodinator

Helen Gowers RD

Director of TLC

Ellen Calteau RD

FAR Operations Manager

Sarah James