PHC Annual Memberships

Whether you’re a passionate healthcare professional or a passionate member of the public, as a PHC member you become an eNewsletter subscriber, receive a #RealFoodRocks t-shirt alongside printed reports as and when they’re published posted to you. Plus you get 3 sets of real food patient booklet packs and finally, a discount on your ticket for our annual conference.

PHC Annual UK Membership - £50
£50 / Year
PHC Annual UK Pensioner Membership - £40
£40 / Year
PHC Annual UK Student Membership - £40
£40 / Year
International PHC Membership - £75
£75 / Year

A PHC annual membership doesn’t just mean getting all of these bits and bobs. It means that you’re part of a movement that wants to turn the tide in public health and fully support the cause for which we fight for. Here is what some members have said about what being a PHC member means to them…

“I feel I am supporting a new healthier way of living and playing a small part in the movement towards this.”

“Brilliant to have such a dedicated team working on solutions to breaking the control of big food and big pharma over dietary advice – based on science and evidence.”

“As a healthcare professional I have often felt exposed and isolated when giving patients advice that is contrary to that given by other healthcare professionals. Being part of the PHC has helped me feel less isolated and empowered.”

If you’re not in the UK but still want to support our cause then you can become an international member where you get all the above perks posted to you wherever you are in the world for an extra £25!

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