[London, UK, 9th May 2024] This month the Public Health Collaboration, a UK nutrition charity, will be holding its biggest event yet – an international health summit featuring world-leading experts in metabolic health, who are helping people reverse and prevent chronic illnesses by focusing on real food and giving up UPFs (Ultra-Processed Foods).

A charity dedicated to education on the importance of metabolic health, this year’s event has been designed to empower members of the public to take control of their own health. It will bring together an unprecedented line-up of spectacular international speakers to the UK, who are leading the charge globally to spread the metabolic health message. These speakers will congregate at Fairfield Halls in London, a venue large enough to welcome many hundreds of members of the UK public and health practitioners alike.

The importance of metabolic health is becoming increasingly understood by scientists and doctors around the world, who advise that many of the chronic illnesses that account for over 70% of deaths globally (such as many cancers, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune conditions and Type 2 Diabetes), can all be significantly improved, reversed, or completely prevented with dietary changes. The first step of reducing UPFs is a key stride many members of the public are already taking themselves, since being highlighted by UK Dr Chris van Tulleken in his award-winning bestseller ‘Ultra-Processed People’. Now the public can discover further steps to take from the world’s best metabolic health experts at the conference.
Dr David Unwin, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Public Health Collaboration, and GP from Southport, said, “It all started years ago when a patient of mine managed to put her own Type 2 Diabetes into remission, having learned that this was possible from information online. I have since applied this lifestyle recommendation in my practice and seen 20% of my patients put their Type 2 Diabetes into drug-free remission. This year we are deep-diving into how we can turn around mental health, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes. it’s a very exciting area of medicine, one we just cannot ignore!”.

Sam Feltham, Director of Public Health Collaboration, said, “It’s very exciting to be bringing this event to the public again, especially as we are seeing more and more people are joining a growing grass-roots revolution to take control of their health. This year we have not only a fantastic venue in London but are offering a chance to access the best thinkers that it would be very hard to ever hear live in the UK otherwise, and connect with other people on the same journey. Moving away from UPFs and towards health is our chance as a nation to really fix our physical and mental health, which in turn reduces the huge burden these diseases have on the NHS, estimated at 50% of all GP appointments and 70% of all in patient bed days”.

The speaker line up boasts Dr Ken Berry from USA, a 20+ year physician that now has over 3m following his ‘Proper Human Diet’, Gary Taubes from USA, an investigative journalist that recently published ‘Rethinking Diabetes’ and Professor Ben Bikman from BYU Utah sharing the latest research into the effects of weight loss drugs. The conference will also pit Dave Feldman, an engineer and challenger in a debate on ‘Does cholesterol cause heart disease?’ against established lipidologist Dr Peter Lansberg and cardiologist Professor Mike Fisher from Liverpool University, as well as a second debate ‘Does red meat shorten lifespan?’ that will feature Dr Anthony Chaffee with Zoe’s Head of Nutrition Dr Federica Amati. Plus we are discussing ‘How we can save the next generation from the dangers of UPFs?’ featuring Eddie Abbew, an ex NHS nurse who has built a strong online following with the younger members of society. This is an important event that everyone who cares about the future of our nation’s health should be there for. For further details or to join in person or via livestream, visit

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