Steve Bennett (Benefactor & Patron)

The current decline in our nation’s health makes me frustrated, furious and fired up to create change! Together we must cure the curable and prevent the preventable chronic illnesses that plague modern day living.

I am driven by a feeling of duty, to pass on the knowledge I have gained in turning my own health around (I was obese for over 25 years) to others. To do this, I spend most of my working days on several different approaches to health education.

I am passionate about preventing and reversing, diabetes type 2, obesity and metabolic syndrome across the UK. Therefore, I spend my working days on several different approaches. I created an organisation called Health Results to help people explore, measure, and improve their metabolic health and I am a benefactor and trustee of the Bennett Foundation.

I focus my philanthropic efforts and funding on catalytic health education, backing organisations with the potential to deliver disproportionately high impact. This is why the Bennett Foundation supports the Public Health Collaboration (I am a patron and benefactor to the PHC – which aims to put prevention at the heart of the nation’s healthcare system), ACE Africa and the charity BIG CHANGE.

I am a dad to 7 wonderful children, 2 adorable grandchildren and husband to a great wife. My day job after the morning school run is following my passion to educate our country about metabolic health and I also executively chair several companies that I previously founded. I love adventures too, and have trekked to the North Pole, sailed across the Atlantic, undertook some mammoth Strive Challenges and more recently, along with several members of the PHC cycled 500 miles in five days with Zero calories! See “Zero five 500” on youtube

I have written several health books, Primal Cure, Britain is Sick, Primal Gourmet and more recently Fat & Furious.

Hannah Sutter (Patron)

A qualified solicitor and passionate advocate for the use of natural low carbohydrate diets for the management of general health and the use of nutritional ketogenic diets for the management of diabetes, epilepsy and many other serious health conditions. In 2004 Hannah founded Natural Ketosis, a natural low carb and nutritional ketogenic solution for obesity and weight loss, providing delivered meals and one to one support for a long lasting, weight loss solution. In 2011 she authored “Big Fat Lies – Is your government making you fat?” A critique of the Eat Well Plate and exposé of the conflicts of interest in SACN (The Scientific Advisory Panel on Nutrition). Finally, in 2012 she Founded The Natural Low Carb Store – a specialist food supplier for 100% natural low carb food.

Giancarlo & Katie Caldesi (Patrons)

Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi have two restaurants, a cookery school and several published cook books between them. Giancarlo and Katie ran their first ‘Caldesi’ Restaurant as a purely Tuscan offering and began making regular trips to Italy to research the Tuscan cuisine and discover new dishes. In Tuscany Giancarlo rediscovered his roots – the simple and effective peasant cooking of his family. The couple went on to launch Caffe Caldesi a less formal regional Italian restaurant and café and in 2005, after years of teaching in the restaurant kitchens, they launched La Cucina Caldesi, a state of the art cookery school where they run a diverse range of cooking courses for all ages and abilities.

In 2006 Katie and Giancarlo appeared in the BBC television series Return to Tuscany which saw them take over a hotel in Tuscany where they ran a residential cookery school for a month. They also worked together on a BBC cookery book of the same name. The series launched them as TV chefs and they now make regular appearances on television for programmes such as Market Kitchen, Masterchef, BBC Breakfast, Sunday Brunch and Saturday Kitchen as well as frequently contributing to articles in the national papers and glossy magazines.

James Goolnik BDS MSc (Patron)

James is a dentist frustrated by the abundance of dental disease in the UK. Most of which is preventable with a change in diet. He has battled over the past 30 years to repair the damage sugar does to our mouths. He would like to help engages the entire dental team to make more of a differences in our patients diets.

In 2020 he published “Kick Sugar” a cookbook with the help of Nutritionist Jenny Phillips and Giancarlo Caldesi to help people lead healthier lives by reducing the sugar and processed foods in their diet. He lives in London with Alison and their three children.