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I am a dad to 7 wonderful children, 2 adorable grandchildren and husband to a great wife. My day job after the morning school run is following my passion to educate our country about metabolic health and I also executively chair several companies that I previously founded. I love adventures too, and have trekked to the North Pole, sailed across the Atlantic, undertook some mammoth Strive Challenges and more recently, along with several members of the PHC walked 100 miles in five days with Zero calories!

I am driven by a feeling of duty, to pass on the knowledge I have gained in turning my own health around (I was obese for over 25 years) to others. To do this, I spend most of my working days on several different approaches to health education. A few years back I wrote a couple of health books and during that time had the pleasure to meet some really awesome and forward-thinking health specialists (many are associated with the PHC). You know who you are, you are all truly amazing and so generous with your time.

More recently, I have dedicated my time into what is developing into a multi layered approach to educating our nation on health and wellness. I co-founded with Dr Campbell Murdoch an enterprise called Health Results, where we test metabolic health of individuals in companies. I have recently created a 49 Day Health Reset Course direct to the consumer, which is set to launch shortly. And through a charity I founded with my family in 2011; The Colourful Life Foundation, and now having the honour to be a patron here at the PHC, I aim to offer whatever help I can (as well as funding), to this most worthy of cause of helping individuals make informed and healthy decisions.