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I am a registered UK doctor who practised as a family GP from 1990-2020 and as a Safeguarding children’s doctor from 2015-2019. As of 2021, I run online groups and WhatsApp groups looking at lifestyle change, vitamin D and reversing obesity and type 2 diabetes. I am a Trustee and board member of the Public Health Collaboration, and a medical advisor to the sugar-kicking charity The Rewards Project. My website helps people and their families change their lifestyles, particularly if they have diabetes, or are at risk of developing it. I advise eating real, minimally processed foods, not forgetting healthy fats, for their valuable fat-soluble vitamins, and essential fats. I have followed this myself since 2014.

In my role as a safeguarding GP, I saw the irony of thwarting all sorts of child abuse but accepting and turning a blind eye to the harm caused by unnecessary sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods. We all need safe food, so I encourage whole families and communities to change their lifestyles and not just an individual with obesity or diabetes. Not everyone gets overweight, but a diet that is not nutritious enough, or one that contains toxins harms each of us eventually, one way or another.