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Dr. Ian Lake is a GP locum in Gloucestershire. He has had a long term interest in preventive medicine. Having Type 1 Diabetes himself, he eventually discovered and was strongly influenced by Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book. He adopted a ketogenic lifestyle 3 years ago and found it was transformative regarding his health and wellbeing. He is keen to spread his knowledge to all with Type 1 so that they are aware of alternatives to the conventional diet. He was honoured to contribute a chapter to ‘Diabetes Unpacked’, a book on current thinking in diabetes, the proceeds going to The Noakes Foundation. Like everyone else on a low carb lifestyle, he has a blog on running and Type 1 diabetes. This was primarily to show that carbohydrate is not essential in type 1 diabetes, and ended up demonstrating that ‘extreme diabetes’ was not eliminating carbs and fasting but following conventional advice.