The issues

In the UK 25% of adults are obese and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in the past 10 years with no sign of slowing down. Together they cost the NHS £16 billion a year and the UK economy at large £47 billion a year. These perilous percentages and shocking statistics have presented themselves despite the fact that as a population we are closely following the dietary advice that is being recommended to us. Based on the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey published in 2016 by Public Health England, our total food consumption is on average 394 calories below the recommended, our total fat consumption is below the recommended 35%, we’re just one portion shy of the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and lastly we’re only 4g under the recommended amount of daily red meat intake.

The real issue at the heart of public health in the UK is that we are generally following the advice we’ve been given, and it’s not making us healthier! Arguably, the current advice has got us into our current sticky situation. A complete overhaul is needed for our dietary advice based on the scientific evidence in order to improve our nation’s health, and we believe that the PHC is the team for the job but that is only possible with your support.