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After a career in business, culminating in running the Levi’s and Dockers brands for Levi Strauss in San Francisco, I returned to Europe for a quieter life… consulting and coaching management teams and individuals to help them become more successful.

Meanwhile in my home environment, I found myself attempting to help a close relative avoid bariatric surgery, and in doing so, discovered that many of my assumptions around healthy eating and dietary practices were plain wrong. So – we ate home-cooked recipes using fresh ingredients, cut out what I now know as ultra-processed foods, and above all, lost our fear of fat. The result: we both lost weight and became healthier, I went on to write a book, Fat is our Friend, and she avoided the surgery.

As time went on, I became convinced that the benefits of eating ‘real food’ contribute significantly to a healthy society and I’m delighted that the Public Health Collaboration is so instrumental in promoting that message.

My desire to contribute on this topic led to further studies at Edinburgh University, becoming a Master of Public Health (MPH) in 2020, specializing in non-communicable disease. My hope is that combined with my business experience, this helps me contribute to a range of food supply chain improvements from encouraging regenerative agriculture to re-introducing cooking and home economics in school curricula.