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Consultant Clinical Health Psychologist


Past Chair UK Association for Solution Focused Practice. Winner of the British Psychological Society Karen Ehlert Lifetime achievement award in clinical health psychology.

Dr Jen Unwin has spent her professional life interested in the role of hope in chronic disease and how it can be used to bring about behaviour change(1). Her insights teamed up perfectly with Dr David Unwin’s interests in bringing about drug-free type 2 diabetes remission. For six years they have been running group sessions in primary care to achieve just that, so far for 93 patients. This combination has also worked on-line, 450,000 people have done the low carb program they helped design. Both doctors were featured in a BBC TV documentary ‘The truth about carbs’ that was seen by 3.7 million viewers. Jen has recently written a book ‘A Fork In The Road’ to help people with food addiction.

1. A simple model to find patient hope for positive lifestyle changes: GRIN.Unwin D,Unwin J.Journal of holistic healthcare Volume 16 Issue 2 Summer 2019. Journal of holistic healthcare ● Volume 16 Issue 2 Summer 2019.