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A letter to a loved one…

To my nearest and dearest 

First of all I know I’m the luckiest person EVER to have you all in my life. We have shared so much in the time I’ve known you and now it’s time for me to share one more thing because I need you to be on board with what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. After years of battling with my weight I’ve finally found something that’s working for me. Yet again (and I’d be surprised if you hadn’t noticed) I’d lost weight, felt great and looked much better and despite all of this, I’d gained it ALL back again and, in the process, felt awful about myself and also noticed my health both physical and mental suffering. I began to wonder why did I keep going back to this ridiculous cycle of starve – lose weight – feel better and then go back the other way to over eat – gain weight – feel awful? Also, it was getting worse -the quantities I was eating to satisfy the cravings were increasing. 

Lockdown was tough for us all but it gave me time to reflect and research and actually it was a moment when I’d given up on life and felt on the edge of breakdown that I was offered hope by discovering there is such a thing as food addition. That, in a way similar to an alcoholic, the cravings and destructive cycle I was experiencing wasn’t my fault and that my brain was addicted to a powerful drug we all assume is safe to consume in the form of sugar. Like any addict the only way forward is abstinence. One is too many and a thousand is never enough for me when it includes any form of food that will raise my blood sugar. I need for my health, both physical and mental, to keep on the right path here and I’d really love it if you were part of my journey too. So, whenever there is cake or chocolate or any foods on my avoid list please don’t suggest “go onnnn just a little don’t hurt “ because that’s exactly what it will do is hurt. Just as you’d never offer a glass of wine to an alcoholic, a food addict should never be offered cake. Please understand and respect my choices and celebrate my sugar sobriety because it’s a wonderful place for me to be. 

I want to end in saying none of this is your fault. Like me, for years the research now shows we’ve all been given the wrong message – this being that fat and salt is bad, therefore we consumed foods that contain more sugar to avoid them.  So please my beloved family and friends come along with me on this journey, that way I will be around to annoy you all for so much longer and be fit, healthy and happy too.


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