Am I addicted?

Could I be addicted to sugar, carbs and processed foods?

Please answer the 6 questions below as honestly as possible.

‘These foods’ refers to carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, desserts, biscuits, fizzy drinks, ice cream, pizza, cereal, bread, potatoes, rice, sweeteners, etc. Any sugar, grains or ultra-processed foods. Think about which foods you over eat.

Adapted from UNCOPE by Bitten Jonsson, RN.


In the past year, have you eaten more of these foods than you meant to? Or have you spent more time eating and using them than you intended to?
Have you ever neglected any of your usual daily responsibilities because of eating these foods and/or overeating?
Have you felt that you wanted or needed to cut down on overeating these foods, during the last year?
If anyone (family, friends, anyone else) knew about your overeating these foods, would they object to your eating habits?
Have you ever found yourself preoccupied with wanting these foods? Have you found yourself thinking a lot about these foods?
Have you ever used these foods to relieve physical or emotional discomfort, such as fatigue, sadness, anger or boredom etc.?