About FAR

Research indicates that about 8% of adults may suffer with food addiction. This equates to 4.3 million UK adults. Food addiction has serious mental and physical health consequences.

As food addicts in recovery and professionals working in this field, we consider this to be one of the most urgent public health issues of our time. We have collaborated with the PHC to develop these pages and to organise events to raise awareness and provide advice to people with food addiction and those who care for them. 

Meet the team behind Food Addiction Resources.

Ellen Calteau, Food Addiction Resources Operations Manager and Registered Dietitian, previously 20 stone, continues to maintain a weight loss of 11 stone for 12 years after many failed dieting attempts. Low carb worked for a while until relapse, but it wasn’t until she gained Food Addiction knowledge, did she truly understand her condition and the reasons behind her relapses. She then trained to become a Dietitian to help others overcome their food addiction too.

Dr Jen Unwin, Clinical Health Psychologist, since retiring from the NHS, she has devoted her time to learning about, researching and helping others with sugar addiction.  She has published a book called ‘Fork in the Road: A Hopeful Guide to Food Freedom’.