Collaboration For Kids!

Collaboration For Kids

The CFK programme aims to develop and test experience and universally accepted educational and behavioural change models, targeted at young families and children, to achieve the following objectives:


  • To develop Nutrition and Lifestyle Educational Modules and Delivery Strategies based on existing up-to-date nutrition and lifestyle and behavioural science, with a key focus on prioritising real, natural foods and minimising hyper-palatable and ultra-processed foods.
  • To develop clinical experience of Nutrition and Lifestyle Educational Modules and Delivery Strategies that work, and of what doesn’t work, in the process of trying to sensitise and support parents to give their child(ren) a better chance of navigating our world of hyper-palatable ‘in your face’ ‘fake’ foods.
  • To develop the same clinical experience with children, indirectly via schools, parent & toddler groups, in primary care and dentist surgeries, institutions and via partnerships with food retail outlets.
  • To be run initially by project working teams, with the help of trained PHC ambassadors and other passionate volunteers, following the Education Modules created in this project and with input from appropriate ‘experts’ and the scientific community.

Interested in joining us?

We have 9+ vacancies:

1. A strategist with Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion experience and passion, to join the overall project Leadership Team.

2. A Team Leader to lead the Education Contents Team and volunteers interested in working as part of this team that holds the crucial role of providing the common key messages to be delivered by all Delivery Teams.

3. Experienced and talented Analysts and Critics of the robustness of scientific evidence to back the Key Messages. Also to join the Contents Team!

4. Primary School workers (teachers, administrators, supply teachers, retired professionals from primary education)

5. Parent & Toddler Team members (anyone interested or with experience from this important formative area of children’s lives)

6. Food Retail/ sales / purchasing people (anyone interested or with experience from food retail and passionate about making Food Retail a responsible partner in supporting sustainable improved metabolic health of our children)

7. An IT & Data Protection Specialist for Secure & Efficient Sharing of Data (GDPR and experience of data sharing in projects)

8. People who are currently working or interested in (Government) Institutions and/or Children’s Charities, to lead and share the workload and opportunities for creating the strategy for this team within CFK.

9. A dental nurse or oral health educator (can be retired) to join the Dental Care Professionals Delivery Team. 

10. A part time Administration Assistant, to support the CFK Leadership and work in partnership with other administrators, to share and improve the efficiency of the administration workload in this growing project.

More information

Please read more about vacancies here.

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